An Excellent Father Text Question Answer and Summary [with PDF]

An Excellent Father JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English is the Lesson in Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English. Get the PDF High-quality Handwritten PDF Notes for JKBOSE Class 10th English An Excellent Father.
An Excellent Father Summary Class 10th English

An Excellent Father Summary Class 10th English 

An Excellent Father is from ‘Pride and Prejudice’ a novel written by Jane Austen It underwent a major re-write before it was printed for sale in 1813. The plot encompasses the novel deals with two characters who face the problem of pride and prejudice and how are these two characters united? 

This central theme is reflected perfectly by the title of the novel. Lydgate probably fritters away his time and does not think it important that his daughters who could be marriageable age should get married. 

The chapter begins when Mr Bingley lets out his Netherfield Park to a young wealthy man by the name of Mr Bingley. Neithfield park, which the young ladies from the city visit, is situated close to Mr Bennet’s house. 

Mrs Bennet begins to be very careful with her daughter because she does not wish to miss this chance of marrying one of the daughters to Mr Bingley. In fact, this novel is set in 19th century when there used to be a practice that the estates were inherited by only males.

An Excellent Father Textual Questions Answers 

Download best and easiest high-quality Handwritten PDF Textual Questions and Answers from the Lesson An Excellent Father JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English.
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