Footprints Without Feet | JKBOSE Class 10th English PDF Notes

Footprints Without Feet JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English is the Lesson in Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English. Get the PDF High-quality Handwritten PDF Notes for JKBOSE Class 10th English Footprints Without Feet.
JKBOSE Class 10th English Footprints Without Feet PDF Notes

JKBOSE Class 10th English Footprints Without Feet PDF Notes 

  • The story titled ‘Footprints without Feet’ narrates the life experience of a prominent scientist, Griffin, who debase himself into a criminal character. 
  • Griffin learned that it is possible to make one’s body become invisible and sheer as glass. He distorted the great discovery that he had made. He never employed the authority of invisibility for the benefit of society and the entire humanity. 
  • He used it to intimidate, harass and assault individuals and rob them. He randomly went into stores and shops and stole things from there, Illegally. He committed s burglary ia a clergyman’s house in Iping. 
  • It was evident that Griffin remained invisible or unseen only when he was naked. If he wore clothes, then he becomes invisible and cannot be noticed by the persons in the society.

Download JKBOSE Class 10th Tulip Series English Lesson Footprints Without Feet PDF Notes 

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This is an inicresting story about a scientist named Griffin and his rare formula of invisibility. He created a pill that rendered himself invisible, but people could feel his presence through touch. Then he became abusive and started robbing people of their moncy, clothing and food. 

It was not easy to remain in London with such capacity; therefore he relocated to a village known as Iping. In the village, people started ignoring him and looked at him as if he was strange. Some occurrences took place at the inn where he put up for the night. 

When his money ran out he resumed staling it from people and hit the owners of the ina when they got suspicious. He had to ultimatley expose himself to those who did not manage to nab him as he turned invisible once more.

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