JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes Download

JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes Download. Get the Full Notes of Class 8th History Solution with PDF Download. All the below Notes are given according to JKBOSE Syllabus. The notes are also for revisions of the JKBOSE Class 8th  History. JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes Download.

JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes Download

JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes Download

Download best and easiest high-quality Handwritten PDF Notes for JKBOSE Class 8th History subject in PDF format. These Notes are made according to latest Syllabus of Jammu and Kashmir state Board of School Education JKBOSE. Download JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Notes.

JKBOSE Class 8th History PDF Solution Download 

JKBOSE Class 8th History syllabus is aimed at enhancing knowledge of history, culture and civilizations among learners. This course is intended to encourage an appreciation of history and its effects on the present as well as to increase critical thinking.

JKBOSE starts with the topics of early civilizations which focuses on the emergence and growth of early societies. Students are taught about the Indus Valley Civilization, Mesopotamia, and Ancient Egypt with an emphasis on their accomplishments in art, architecture, the administration structure, and day-to-day life. Through this foundation, students are also able to know the origin of the modern civilizations.

JKBOSE also discusses the medieval period of Indian history and includes the information about different powerful dynasties like Gupta Empire, Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire. The cultural, economic and political aspects of these periods are learnt by the students, focusing on their imprint on the Indian history and culture.

JKBOSE gives prominence to the role of regional kingdoms of India. Students study the historical backgrounds of regional empires and kingdoms such as the Cholas, Vijayanagar, and the Marathas with reference to their governance, customs, and impact on the art and architectural designs. This section enriches the students with the knowledge of India’s diversity and over history.

JKBOSE also covers the chapter on colonialism and the colonization of India. In regards to social change, students are enlightened on the arrival of the European powers, the formation of British rule and socio-economic changes that came with colonialism. Knowledge about this period of history is necessary to understand the causes of the Indian fight for independence and India’s modern problems.

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